Fraulein Medical Illustration is committed to providing the medical healthcare industry with biomedical illustrations, animations or designs in a perfect balance of scientific accuracy and visual aesthetics. Each project is designed to fit the needs of the client, and to solve the visual communication problem effectively and efficiently from conceptualization to publication.

What is Medical Illustration?

The most common question I receive about my career choice of medical illustration is, what is medical illustration? Breaking down the formula for the title of a medical illustrator is similar to revealing the illusion behind a magic trick. Magic tricks, like medical illustration are a juxtaposition of two worlds, which shouldn't fit but do. Medical illustration is the perfect balance of the visual formula for science and art.

In the medical system, from the moment future doctors enter med school, they are learning from images we have created. Because medical illustrators have had had the same science foundation that the medical students have had. From the very basic to the extreme complexities of medicine, medical illustrators illustrate anatomy in its myriad states, from normal to the diseased, to help educate people everywhere. Medical illustrators are the storytellers in the health industry. It is our job to make sure our audience clearly understands what is involved when you are finished looking at an image, looking at a sculpture, watching a video, or pulling a kidney out of a hat, kidding. We need to know how to tell a story for every single person's needs no matter the education level.

In order to convince the audience the magic is real the magician has to create a visual story they can captivate the audience with. The professional medical illustrator is an individual whose master degree qualifies them to tell a visual story without words. We are trained to understand the systems and organization of the human body in ways only an artist can imagine. A magician sees his reality differently, knowing the secrets behind the story.

When you hire a magician for a show, you hire them based in their ability to create a convincing illusion that captivates the audience. The value of having a trained medical illustrator from one of the accredited programs is very similar to a skilled magician. Viewing a surgery from the surgeon's perspective, feeling the living breathing tissue from an animal on the operating table, and taking med school classes among the future doctors are all achievements I can rightfully claim as developments in making the perfect magic act. There are about 1000 medical illustrators in the continental United States, and only four accredited graduate programs who train them. We are the few magicians able to mix science and art together, and it truly is magic.


Avoid potential problems surfacing by using a trained medical illustrator for your accurate healthcare and creative needs.

Avid EquestrianBringing skills to the Veterinary industry.

Medical IllustratorGraduate of the only MI program providing a hands on surgical techniques course.

Thriving with TechnologyWeb/Mobile App developer at Augusta University


Board certified and full-time Medical Illustrator and Mobile Web Application Developer at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia...Lynsey (Steinberg) Ekema is a graduate of the Medical Illustration Graduate Program at the Medical College of Georgia [MCG]. Before MCG, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.F.A. in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Through her education in undergrad Equine anatomy, Lynsey met fellow medical illustrators Deborah Haines and Jon Foerster and realized her passion for science and art. In May 2012, Lynsey received her Masters of Science in Medical Illustration from the MCG, where she served as class president. In the two years of training in the graduate program, Lynsey was able to experience surgery in the operating room and work directly with doctors and surgeons while gaining experience creating sophisticated work in the healthcare industry. As a professional medical illustrator and freelance artist her passion is to create visually engaging and accurate work for the entirety of the healthcare industry with a specialty in the veterinary sciences, and 3D animation.



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Augusta University
Instructional Design and Development Department. Title: Mobile/Web Application Developer


2016 - Conference Speaker - Enhancing Game and Application Development Through Medical Illustration at the Association of Medical Illustrators Conference (Atlanta, GA)
2016 - Keynote Speaker - Phi Kappa Phi, Research and Fine Arts Conference (Augusta, GA)
2016 - Board Certification - Certified Medical Illustrator
2015 - GOLD in Ed Tech - 'OT Kinesiology Pro Consult' in Design 100 2015 App Design Awards USA Click here.
2014 - Presenting for Chinese Learning Applications developed by Augusta University at ECGBL in Berlin, Germany.
2013 - “Workshop on HIV Cure & Eradication” - Collaboration with Shahin Gharakhanian MD Consulting LLC won best poster at event.


Medical College of Georgia
Maters of Science in Medical Illustration [MSMI]
The only graduate program providing a surgical techniques course.

Savannah College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration, Summa Cum Laude.

Published Illustrations

Journal of Innovations:
"Remote Magnetic Navigation-guided Catheter Ablation of Atrioventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia ..."
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OncoTargets and Therapy:
"Volasertib for AML: clinical use and patient consideration"
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BYU Studies:
"Discovering a Surgical First: Russel M. Nelson and Tricuspid Valve Annuloplasty "
See Article Here

Consciousness and Cognition:
"Neural correlates of visuospatial consciousness in 3D default space: Insights from contralateral neglect syndrome"
See Article Here

Acta Physiologica:
"Therapeutic implications of Peptide Interactions with G-Protein Coupled Receptors in Diabetic Vasculopathy"
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Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine:
"Split Peroneus Brevis Tendon: An Unusual Cause of Ankle Pain and Instability"
See Article Here

European Heart Journal:
"Mitochondrial damage-associated molecular patterns and vascular function"
See Article Here


Maxon Cinema 4D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Encore
Adobe Audition
Adobe Dreamweaver
Corel Painter X
Microsoft Office
Pixologic Zbrush
Pixologic Sculptris
Pixmeo OsiriX
Soundtrack Pro
UCSF Chimera


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